Staying in bed today!

I feel so bloody awful I am so Ill I have gotten a cold but when I woke this morning my throat was horrendous and my tonsils are the size of a golf ball and I had a bad cough.

I am not at work till 3 so I am staying in bed I have soothers, lemsips and some medicine that tastes like tar and my mams keeps supplying me with tea and tissues
 (I love that woman) 
I have to say I'm glad I am back home with my mam.
I always need my mamma when I'm Ill. 

When I was driving home last night from work it was -25.5 degrees the cars where frosted up.
 Be careful when out driving people.

Definition of Ill: suffering from an illness or disease or feeling unwell.

This wonder woman is down for a while! 

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