Everything you ever dreamed of for your new house.

As of the 16th of this month I am moving again..... 😕

Trust me when I say I am never moving again for the next 10 years its so bloody stressful.... So this post is about the excitement of decorating your new home.
Now when it comes to decorating I'm. Cheap and cheerful type of person and probably rely on IKEA far too much.

The new house I am moving into will be my long term home so I am planning on decorating it with some hard earned cash from my new full time job.

1: Bookshelves.
Before we go any further I must explain I am a book addict and I read a lot so Bookshelves are a must and come first I love the DIY kind.

2: Dog bed.
First and foremost my dog must be care for like he is the king.

3: Writing desk.
For me only antiques will do I love furniture that has got a history a great story to tell.

4: Home Library.
This has been a dream for me for a while but I constantly moved too much but now the time has come.

5: Dinner Table
When I was younger my mother always has us sit around a table to eat but as we got older it stopped and I actually miss it.

6: Bed.
I have always dreamt of having my own princesses fantasy huge 4 poster bed, now I get the chance.

That's it for my house things for now more to come when I move.

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