My Halloween Costume - Myrtle Wilson

Believe it or not this is my first ever Halloween party I'm going to as a child I was never invited to anyone's party.
I remember one time I went to school dressed up like Mel b from the spice girls because my mam forgot to get me a outfit as you can imagine my hair was very big...... I was very embarrassed.

So as you can imagine it took me four hours trailing the Internet for idea's with only two days of planning I didn't have time for the whole thing so I decided easy and cheap would be best.

I gave my self £10 and that was it for accessories if needed.
  Charity shops are great for this type of thing.
These are my idea's what do you think?

The only thing I bought was
Hair pins £1.50
Bracelet £1.49
Red feather headband £3.50

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