Food: I made flapjack

My first attempt went drastically bad it came out like concrete and nearly broke the plate..... In the bin that went.

Attempt number two and I listened to the recipe this time and it turned out great... Amazing really. 💃
125g butter
100g brown sugar (I used normal sugar)
4 tablespoons of golden syrup (I just tipped what I had left in)
250g oats (listen to this bit that's where I went wrong)

How to:
1: In a pan place the butter, sugar and golden syrup melt together but don't boil.
#When melting make sure when your stirring there is no grating of the sugar.
2: Stir in the oats and mix well (need some muscle here)
3: Grease the baking tin with a bit of butter.
4: Spoon in the ingredients and level with the back of your spoon it will be sticky.
5: Bake for 25/30 mins or until golden brown (use your own initiative here)

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