DIY Wool Dress Refashion

How the dress looked its a great Wool Dress but the sleeves where 3/4 length and the dress went over my knees (not my fave)

What you need:
Thread (same color as the dress)
Measuring tape

How to:
1: put the dress on and mark where you're going to cut.
2: Take off the dress and lay it flat.
3: With chalk and the measuring tape make your line more visible for cutting. (Make sure your lines are straight)
4: When your happy with your lines cut them slowly.
5: With your pins create a hem by folding over the edges and pinning it in place.
6: Sew the pinned areas (make sure the dress is inside out)

#Make sure the dress is inside out so any Tangle's or mistakes are on the inside no one sees.
#Be careful when handling the pins they can be a bit fiddly.
#Always remember cut too less off you can always adjust later.

Sleeves hemed and sewn

The bottom rpined and ready for sewing

The bottom of the dress sewn and straight

The finished dress sleeves shorter and ow the dress sits just above the knee's. Perfect 😘

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