A little bit of family life

I try hard not to put too much personal stuff on my blog but recently I went home for four days and finally got some pictures of my mam and dad so here they are.

(Please ignore how ruff I look I had a late night and a lot of alcohol with friend's)

My beautiful mammy and daddy 💖

This is Bailey my best friend and baby boy 🐕💝

These are the family animals the dog is called thistle and the cat is called mogwai she was mine when I lived at home.

My family love's animals we have another cat called sway I named her after Angelina Jolie in gone in 60 seconds.

My younger brother who is about 24 years old works on a farm and has loads of hunting dogs I think he has about 8

My younger sister Ellie is 23 and she just recently got her own place and she loves the decorating.

It's hard to get any pictures of my family but I managed it this time round. Next time its the brothers and sisters!

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