Caring and Sharing

Hi to all you sensational bloggers out there I know I have been away for quiet some time now and I am sorry but iv been so busy with life here's a few things that's happened firstly as you all know I got my own place and met someone....... I went back home for a visit leaving my neighbour and ex husband looking after my dog and between them both they stole from me..... I went away for the weekend and left my neighbour looking after my dog and she did it again. On top of that I have been going threw a divorce which is stressful it's self.......and finally I am working two jobs which are so stressful......also I want to move back home to the lake district but I can't until I have a job! So there you have it busy busy but I know that's no excuse for neglecting my blog because I do love my blog.
so here's a thing for you all leave a comment with a link to your blog and I will make it my mission to visit everyone of them and leave a comment for you beautiful people 💐
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