The after party dress!

Hi to you all I hope you are enjoying the sun (we have sun)!!
I know I haven't posted much lately just been too busy with working everyday I even missed my LadyBoner post at the start of the month, gutted!

I have a few things this month to be happy about, I have my dads birthday coming up so I get to go home for a visit and to celebrate with everyone I can't wait I'm very excited it's been a while since I went home.
It even means party time woopwoop splash the fashion, dress to impress and all that jazz....

Here is my outfit for my friends wedding after party in July I got it from #SimplyBe for £26 I love it 😀👠👗
Its also the outfit I will be putting forward to apply for a plus size model with #Simplybe, wish me luck x

It has sexy slits up both sides which I love

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