Falling in love... 😍

Hey everyone sorry I have been absent for a while I have been enjoying life with real people.
Ever since moving in to my own pace I have been concentrating on building my social life, I believe having friends is very important. I have been out for a few meet ups and a good old chat, I have also got back in touch with old friends which I am very happy about ad in the mean time I have met someone.... Yep you heard me I have a boyfriend 😝 

This guy is called Stephen I have known him for awhile. Back when I was younger we where put to get her by my mother and his sister and as you can imagine it didn't go so well so I called it off but we remained friends.
He was at a festival about a hour away from where I live and I just got a bit brave and asked if he would like to go for coffee sometime and he said yes, the very next day we where in Costa about 1ish and he walks threw the door my heart got a little faster then I couldn't make a sentence so I just smiled, after coffee we walked back to mine where he stayed till about 8ish.
We had a bit of a kiss and cuddle which I was not expecting but it was nice to be wanted so over the bank holiday weekend he came to see me a few more times and we had a great laugh together. Now he lives in the lake district and I'm in Manchester so its very long distance but where taking it slow getting to know each other first.
I have to admit I feel like a loved up teenager I love it when we are late night txting, we always have something to talk about and I love his hugs, I love his beard its slightly Gray, he has a very strong body, he has a very unique thing in his face which I love.
So I am afraid blogging has take a back seat this year I hope to post a bit more but I'm not promising nothing.

I hope you are all so full of love spread it far and wide

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