Feeling The Grind

I am 27 years old 28 this year (feeling old) and I have done nothing in my life. 
I got married far to young now I am stuck in the grind of life working two jobs with a family who does not want to know me because I have not had children in the 8years of marriage a husband who had a affair that ended with a child and he expects me to be OK with it all the while dreaming of becoming a Director one day. 
I was so happy when I got my passport and drivers licence when I was younger I felt I had the world.
Every idea I have for a film gets written down like a story I have loads their just in a folder waiting for the brave me to come along say 'Fuck It' but when the husband keeps reminding me I have bills to pay and no money to waist then the folder will stay closed and the impulsive 'Fuck It' will have to wait. 
Don't feel sorry for me I keep myself in this hell hole because I am scared if I leave I will loose everything again mainly money and my dog. 
Thanks for letting me ramble I don't get the chance very often well not where the husband doesn't see it anyway. 
Sorry just having a whine I like to do that every now and then one day I will fix the problem but it's not today.

Ireland from the 18th till the 23rd I cant fucking wait solo travel is amazing.
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