Never too many clothes, Shoes and Books

My hubs always tells me I have far too many clothes, shoes and books so you know what I do I go buy more. I am terrible online shopping is the best and the worse thing ever its all just a click away and that's not good. I have all these amazing clothes and shoes but not enough occasions to wear them which is a shame. So I am proposing who wants to go for dinner with me? Nothing funny just friends (I am married lol) I think its a great way to make new friends I am based in Cheshire near Manchester so if you are interested just let me know, leave a comment.
For now tho I am going to leave you with my crazy shopping bargain spree items.
£28 from SimplyBe
£7 Sale New Look
£8 Matalan Sale
£11 Matalan Sale
£8 Local Market
£7 Dorothy Perkins
£3 Dorothy Prekins
every now and then I do go shopping for girly things
Here's a lovely picture of my babies for you all to cheer you up where ever you are in the world.

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