DIY Tie Dye Jumper

Hi there the story with his one is a put my white long sleeve jumper in the was with the hubbies red long sleeve jumper and dyed it patchy pink, what a idiot!
The only dye I have a the minute is black after moving I never refilled them all but I will be doing soon.
Here's a little how to I didn't take a before or during picture so we just got the end product.

What's needed?
1: piece of clothing
2: coloured dye
3: string

How to?
1: cut the  string in to manageable lengths they will need to be wrapped tightly around the clothing so about the length of a ruler.
2: cut off any lengthy bits they might get in the way once tied around the clothing anyway you can get designs on the Internet if you want to be really crafty.
3: (I use my bath but many recommend a bucket) their will be dye instructions on the packet but I just o with what feels best which is warm water and the dye mix it together then slowly add the clothing level for a few hours.
4: take the clothing out of the bath squeeze the water out of the clothing as best as you can carry it to the washing machine cut off all the string and check out the design you have created.
5: put it in the washer on a normal wash with other dyed clothes.
6: put it threw the washer again but with a few old towels this will get the last of the dye out if any and it will help prince the clothes better.
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