DIY: Fixing My Coat

This morning I had finished work about 8am so I went to Sainsbury's had a brew and read a bit of my book (Hit Girls by Dreda Say Mitchell) then I decided to so shopping right next door is Matalan. I now have my own Matalan card I bought some jeans because I only have one pair I found this reductions rail and everything one it did look a bit too destroyed but I am always good for a bargain I found this amazing Coat.
It was originally £32
Reduced to £22
 Then £16
 Then £12.20
Then finally £8
which is when I found it when I read the label closer it said the FAULT was a Missing Belt, now I hate belts they make me look feel all restricted so this was perfect for me.
When I got it home I took a closer look and found there where a few more things wrong with it but only minor a little hole in the side, I pulled a bit of thread and the button fell off. My Fault really.


As you can see the whole was really small and the button too about 2 minutes to sew back on but this coat is perfect over all very formal and smart which is what I need right now.

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