7: The last time!

You asked me to come and help you get rid of something so I came to town thinking you needed help with something and all you wanted to do was get rid of a hard on so stupidly enough I had sex with you, you didn't stay up very long and you weren't fully hard I knew you were going off me, I wasn't your cup of tea any more.

Then you got a text I saw who it was off, it was off her, Natalie!

You went all cold on very quickly so I got my coat and left.
Its hurts to say this but I have to now this is and will be the last time anything happens between you and me.

I don't want to be your sex toy any more
I don't want to be your friend anymore either
I don't want you in my life any more

Goodbye Stranger.
I wish you nothing but happiness, light and love wherever your path takes you.

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