4: You pushed me away for her!

You text me saying you wanted to be friends it destroyed me slowly from the inside out then you came to my house and had sex with me and I let you but then you kept saying you just wanted to be friends, you mixed me up so much.

You were using me like yo yo and I let you because I thought if I let you might actually look at me again like I a human and not a sex toy.
You eventually told me you met someone else, you should not have done that!
I went in to the shop and looked for her I died all over again she was tall, skinny, dark haired everything I wasn't!

I cried walking home I knew it was too good to be true but I kept letting you use me.
You said one time you're falling for her it, crushed me.
You said you didn't want to hurt her by sleeping with the two of us my reply was 

And yet I still let you use me.
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