The Hand That Feeds You!

Hi every one so today when i finished work i was walking round town killing time till 9 (the library opens then) and i walk past this guy and he is sleeping rough n a shop door way.
I have to admit i don't like seeing stuff like that because i would love to house everyone and help them out as much as i can but i can't, anyway i stood to the side and just watched and waited for a few mins and not one person stopped, looked or even talked to him which i think is really nasty, but then i remember not everyone has a heart like me.

I love to help people if i have it they can have it, i would give someone my last heart beat if it would help them.
Seeing everyone walk past this person like he was invisible really hurt i don't know why.
I about turned and went in to the bakery and bought two sausage rolls (i don't like them personally) i walked over to the guy and nudged him a bit and told him they were for him.
He was very grateful and used his manners he was polite even tho i had just woke him up, they are still human.

I have always thought that giving money was wrong because i know some spend it on alcohol and drugs because i have seen it happen so i always buy them a sandwich, tea or coffee, bottle of water, sausage rolls.
There are many reasons why people become homeless and lately i have heard a few drink, drugs, family, abuse, violence, abandoned.

Do you do anything for homeless people?
What is your take on homeless people?

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