1: The Meeting.

It was the first time I had ever saw you, you where just sat their as if the world never existed I smiled at you and you smiled back I never thought for a moment some one would ever be interested in me.
I have no fashion sense I am not thin and my hair was sticking out at the sides but I watched you over the top of my book our kept looking at me threw your hands, this went on for a couple of days until you worked up the courage to give me your number your name is Chris!
I waited a few days before texting you but waiting nearly killed me I wanted to know you, every part of you.
I text you and you didn't reply I was devastated did I wait too long, he's never interested in me I'm ugly, My hair sticks up and I wear stitched up jeans who would ever be interested in me!
I saw you that morning and text you again with my name this time you looked over at me and spoke you told me I could sit with you, I couldn't stop looking at you with them eyes, dreamy eyes that hold the gaze, like chocolate brown I could die I them eyes. I listened to you go on and on about war and religion I didn't care what you said I was just mesmerised by your eyes I did not fall in love with you I jumped head first in love with you.
I wanted you all of you, how could a six foot tall guy like you be interested in a small fat chick like me?

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