Homelessness At Christmas

Usually at the start of the month I do a silly things called Lady Boner where I pick a celeb who's pretty hot and post a few picks about him/ her but today I wont be doing that today I am going to be posting about something closer to my heart and has also effected me in my life a few times. Homelessness.
I am posting about homelessness today. I know what your all thinking do I have to listen to her go on well the answer is no you don't you can leave right now.....
But by leaving it does not solve the problem.
This post is about a person I know I wont tell you his name so we will just call him
 'The Friend'.
I met this friend sometime in October (I know not very long ago) but I new from the start he was homeless just the way he was with things not many people walk around with a huge back pack, it never bothered me for one second that he was homeless, I didn't have to think about being friends with him it just happened naturally, I didn't feel sorry for him, I didn't want to save him just wanted to be friends.
Over time we got talking and spent some time together my friend was great he paid for things I paid for things, he never took advantage of anything he could have got from me, but there where some things I did notice about him he never trusted anyone, no one!
He was paranoid, he always compared himself to his dad, he started for getting people and a few days at a time, he for got me once as well broke my heart!
What makes it worse is he will still be homeless for Christmas staying in that wet damp garage on his own because there is no where open for him to go on Christmas day, he usually goes to the Salvation Army in town but there open hours are crazy because there never open! It make's me so angry.
Same with the Council and Shelter their useless and other places I don't think there doing enough to help people whether young or old not everyone can help being made homeless my other friend (she's female with kids) had the house sold from under her and now she is staying in a hostel, not everyone can help becoming homeless and specially at Christmas.
I would love to help all of them and give them warm blankets, food and a bed but like everyone else I myself am just getting by working 3 jobs.
If you do find your self homeless this Christmas I have placed a few links at the bottom of the page I don't know if they will help much but I hope they can at least point you in the right direction.
I hope some where along the line one day homelessness will be a thing of the past but I know that will never happen, so this is a campaign we must fight together get people off the streets rent out that spare room, let a person stay it might just save their life.
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