Writers Idea's

Now when it comes to writing for me I am a traditional pen to paper type of girl my boxes and suitcases are full of my writings from stories to songs, poems everything I keep them all in a shoe box and when it gets full I get another pair of shoes just for the box.
Since moving this year I haven't had anything exciting to write about some of you would call this 'writers block' but I call it 'Unimaginative life'.
So in the words of Carrie Bradshaw "if I get the right table the writing should come and it better had" at the moment I write hunched over on my bed not so good we have no tables in the flat at all (which I hate) I get a bad back then I get grumpy and cant find the story again its just not good when you have to write, my flat is not the biggest and I have a lot of books and clothes so where short of room
(that's a understatement there is just no room at all).
My idea is a very small fold away table and chair so when I move (again) it can come with me so I will have a permanent table and chair and not have to worry about it anymore
(no more bad backs, necks).
Do I buy or do I build that is the question?
Also you get a foldable chair as well that's will save a lot of room but still practical.
This seems the best idea so far
I could go very old school and go with this it folds down pretty easy but reminds me of school far too much.
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