Here are some clothes that make a fashion statement on different kinds of situations:
Depending on the work environment, your clothes can be casual or semi-formal. However, what it should always be is smart and professional.
When choosing clothes, pick styles according to your body type. If you prefer clothes that hug your figure, choose a suitable length and cut. Don’t wear a mini skirt to work, instead opt for a hip-hugging pencil skirt. If you prefer flowing clothes, don’t overdo it. Wear one at a time, and match it with one that suits your figure.
Neutral colours like black, grey, navy blue and brown are versatile colours. Incorporate accessories, including colourful and printed scarves, statement necklaces, or bracelets. The rule is not to go overboard with accessories – make them a part of your outfit.
(Make sure to add a bit of colour to the outfit to make a dull work outfit better)
Night Out
For the young and the young at heart, Friday is best spent outside partying. To make a statement the moment you enter the club or the dance floor, choose clothes that will be comfy remember you will be dancing for a while. Invest in sexy party dresses; you always need one. Subtle sparkles, a statement dress, good heels.
(I always let the heels do the talking if the outfit fails the heels wont)
When attending a wedding, there is only one rule, don’t wear white because you might upstage the bride. Other than that, unleash your inner goddess and make a fashion statement.
If it is a daytime wedding, something light and breezy will do the trick. If it’s an evening wedding, cocktail dress is the way to go. Pick something sexy and easy to dance in. If it’s a black tie event, wear something smart and formal.
(I always go for a bright statement outfit that can be turned into day with sandals and night with heels)
Black Tie Event
A black tie event is the time to unleash that inner queen. Wear a formal cocktail dress that skims the floor. Tonight is the night to show off your sparkling jewelry and beaded accessories. Drape a sheer glittering cape over your bare shoulders and walk inside the ballroom like you are royalty.
High-heeled strappy shoes are best for these events. However, don’t wear a dress or shoes that will restrict movement. Black-tie events often include some dancing and you wouldn’t want to be the only one sitting down while everyone is on their feet, would you?
(I always wear black for this type of event just in case of food or drink accidents)
There is no excuse for dressing up and making a fashion statement, whatever the event may be. Just know the rules, break them from time to time.
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