Going back to College!!

Hey everyone I know I haven't been around in a while I don't really have a excuse other than I have nothing to blog about.

Oh don't get me wrong a lots happened but its personal and its still going on (it would just bore you anyway).
I decided I wanted to get back into education I never did very well at school, I love college didn't want to leave, my mother only put my brother threw university she didn't think that girls where worth educating because my 2 sisters already had kids and she wanted me to have them but to this day its never happened. I disappoint her!

Anyway 2 months ago I got a job and became all independent and its the greatest feeling ever I signed off the dole, I get out the house more with myself and the dogs, I have a good laugh with my work colleagues, and I am slowly getting out of my over draft with the bank and nearly debt free (yey) so I decided I wanted to go back to college I looked around and going full time is expensive so I scrapped that idea and came up with part time.
Next came what course I wanted to do? Now I thought good and proper about the course, I wanted a course that would help me when I opened my business, eventually...
I have decided I want to do a welding course.
I know what your thinking "welding are you crazy?" 

Well no I am not crazy I want to learn a new skill and no one is going to help me, but me!
The college I am going to is called Mid Cheshire College, Hartford Campus, Northwich, Cheshire.

I am so excited but nervous at the same time because I am nearly 30 (26 really) I am not very good with kids or young people to start with I cant stand teenagers their attitude is awful and most of them need to lay off the makeup and the boys need to pull up their trousers!
Despite my lack of love for teenagers I am still enrolling in September.

Course - Welding
Duration - 22 - September 2014 till 1 December 2014
Time - 19.00 till 21.00pm
Day - Monday
Price - £100 (learning a new skill)

I couldn't be more happier I am actually doing something I really want that does not come very often lately with the new apartment we moved into stay tuned for more exciting new things.

Have you done anything life changing or irrational lately, something you would never have done before?? Do tell :)
Sending light and love
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