Moving/ House decorating update

Well as you all know I moved recently and its been hard the garden is not done and the dogs haven't got a garden to run yet so its still on the lead for a few weeks longer.
The house still has no carpets but most of the painting has been done and I am warming to the bright orange not the other colour has been painted it dulls the orange down a bit.
Also we still don't have a cooker so we are living off pot noodles, cuppa soups and pot pasta's.
Here's a few pictures.

This was the garden when we moved in

still have not painted the bathroom yet

these stairs have been painted a nice light yellow

This is the garden with some work don't to it

our new fridge freezer we have a black cooker coming aswell

my room its still a mess

shoe storage very important

more shoes storage still very important

I think the dog likes the new sofa we had to take apart to get it up the stairs.
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