I woke to hear her crying

Hi everyone has you ever had a dream where you have woke up crying?
I have it was this morning I woke up crying after a really bad dream and I want to tell you about it.
The Dream:
My aunties dog had just had puppies and they all died except one a little girl (girl power) and I looked after it and fed it every four hours kept it warm under a red light in a nice fleecy pocket. I called her Joy.
Then one day my auntie came and took the puppy away after the vet said it was making a improvements, I was devastated and when I asked where the puppy was they just said it died which broke my heart even more for nearly two weeks I was crying and grieving and I got ill my mam told my auntie to bring the puppy back and let me have it even tho it would never survive (at this point I woke up crying in to my pillow so armed with toilet roll and my imagination I made sure it had a happy ending to this story)
Well when they brought me the puppy it was frozen and half starved I put it back under the light and in the fleecy pocket and fed it every four hours again they kept telling me it was never going to live but I new better.
In that moment I new I would never fit in the family and I hadn't fitted in this world for a while now so I moved away with my dogs in tow and a dream of what I wanted to do.
With my very faithful friend Tully we both where qualified vetnary surgeons we bought some land and opened our very own surgery called Sunshine Vetnary Surgery, where we cared for animals like they where our children.
We worked closely with the Job Centre for youngsters to do work experience with us also we worked closely with families that where poor or below the bread line who had animals but couldn't afford the regular vet prices for treatment.
We worked it out like this if it was a operation they needed we took no less than £50 depending on the size of the dog. Bigger dog a little bit more money.
If they needed medicine we always asked for a £5/ £10 donation. We never charged people for anything we just relied on donations.
My own dogs loved there new found freedom and so did I, we fenced off parts of the field and place a eco friendly drive in there we built everything we needed from reclaimed wood, we planted trees and tried to bring back the natural forest we put up bird houses and we made a few hedgehog houses, they do say if you build it the y will come.
I ended the story on a very good note after my crying incident so it ends like this.
Cesar Milan heard about what we where doing and wanted to come see us we told him our story and he wanted to see if Joy had survived, so I called all my dogs in Bailey (cavalier King Charles, 6) Arnold (staffy cross, 4) and Joy (pit-bull, 2).
When he met Joy she came and sat on my knee drooling every where with a huge bone in her mouth more alive than ever.

Have you ever had a dream that made you stop and think?
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