I have the luck today

First of all let me tell you I have a job.
I am a cleaning operative. (cheesy grin)
I am going to tell you something I don't tell many people because I was afraid of being judged and shamed by people who don't support the unemployed and just think they are scroungers.
Well I have been unemployed for nearly 5 years till today I got a job cleaning in the morning at a big supermarket store.
Over the years the Mr has got a bit bitter because he has had to pay for most things and it had split us up twice, I don't blame him but what could I do I was trying to find a job but there was just nothing out there till now. I got a new uniform and I am very happy.
I feel now like I am finally a human again and the Mr and me will hopefully stop arguing about money and the lack of it.
I will be able to start learning to drive again (as William Wallace once said FREEDOM)
I can spoil my dogs and give them more things (I don't have kids)
I can finally get my tattoo's finished (I have 2 that needs doing hand and chest)
Oh and as the Mr keeps saying pay the bills. (spoils all my fun)
Also I have another interview at Costa coffee at 12.30 I will let you know how that goes.
Wont it be good if I get both jobs, now that will be the luck I never had, from unemployed for 5 years to 2 jobs in one day - Fingers crossed.

Please no negative comments my vibes and happiness is shining this morning

My new uniform just wanted to show you all
The Mr is shit at taking any pictures

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