Basic beef stew

I made this a while ago and too pictures but never posted them
(made in the other house before we moved)
Basic beef Stew
How to: 
1 - get all your ingredients prepped chopped diced and cleaned.
2 - put your salt, pepper, garlic, carrots, and beef stock in the pan with enough water to cover it (you might need more later) place on medium heat.
3 - Carefully add the potatoes cut chunky, add the meat also cut into big chunks.
4 - place a lid over the pan and turn up the heat. I boiled mine for about 30 mins stirring and topping up with water as and when needed.
5 - After 30 mins turn the heat down and let it cook with the lid on for about an hour or until the veg is soft and the meat is tender.
6 - when it was nearly done i added the mushrooms and stirred I gave it about another 10 mins it was amazingly thick and tasty.
I made that much me and the Mr where eating it for 3 days. I didn't add any herbs as I would usually do because they where all packed.
I cut in half some baguettes toasted them in the oven and smothered them with butter it was amazing.

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