Apartment Update

Well last time I mentioned the house we had only been in it a few days and it was a mess we still have no carpets and we still don't have a fence around the front garden but we do now have a cooker (yey) our first meal was spaghetti bolognaise (always is our first meal).
The bathroom is not blue anymore its mint blue the same colour as the kitchen (I don't like wasting stuff). The stairs are now a nice pastel yellow really brightens the place up, The cookie dough (brown) has now gone on the walls and it has toned sown the orange.
The book shelf I built myself from Ikea flat pack now my books have some where to live instead of under the bed in a box. 
I have to admit to you all I don't feel at home here I don't know why I just feel like there's more to come and this is not the end, I don't know why I feel like this I just do.

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