What am supposed to do with 10 litres of ORANGE FUCKING PAINT!!! i shouted..

I have to tell you people I am sick of moving!!
Today we signed for the new house well its not really a new house it's a flat, a upstairs flat.
Now bear in mind we have 2 dogs and a Guinea pig.
So today we got our voucher from the housing (the flat is part of a council trust) and we went off to buy some furniture we didn't buy anything because the husband couldn't make his mind up, then we went to get some paint (we got a voucher for the damages the builders did) now that was great we bought paint!
We bought 5 tubs of paint it all came to £146.90 I Nearly fucking died.
Good job the voucher was paying for all of this, so after that we went to the £ shop and bough about £5 worth of paint brushes, that was great.
Then we get back to the flat to paint, The Husband said the colours he picked where a bit different and a bit bright but fuck me I didn't realise it was that bright and I hate it.
The husband has a thing of going in places looking like he knows what he is doing so he's stood there saying we need 10 liters of this and that, he has no idea.
To tone this colour down we got cookie dough kind of a browns colour.

The other colours for the house are pretty nice I got Ocean Ripple for the kitchen its
kind of like green blue and I swear it smells of mint.
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