Feeling Down And Out

Over the years of my life i have not been very good at keeping friends for very long i don't really know why that is maybe i am not a good person i don't know.
There is one friend that has stayed with me threw everything tho i lost her for a while because i moved away from Cumbria but found her again thanks to Facebook and now i am really excited because this weekend we are to meet up in Liverpool for the first time since college (back in 2008) and go to a festival together.

Her name is Beth we met in the first year of college we attended for about 3 years together and ever since we have been great friends, during college we had a brief romance but we both realised we would do better as friends and that is how we have stayed ever since we still live miles apart but its just great to talk to her again and its like we have never been apart.

Also i have had a really bad fever i have been taking medicine like its was seets and it still hasnt gone so i get very snotty and midnight coughs its not very pleasent but my dog can manage to snore all the way threw it.

I have writen previously about orange paint and moving, we are currentaly in the new flat and working on the painting got the main rooms done now and working on the garden putting up a fence so my dogs can run free.
I am just looking forward to this weekend for a break and now my money is finaly sorted i can stop worrying about feeding me and the dogs.
I don't kno if any of you have had the same problems when moving sitching bills over, bills changing, adress changing its all crazy and just up in the air at the min and i feel like one step forward 10 steps back.

Sorry for my whining but my blog is the only place i can get my freedom of speach out.

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