To the younger me, there's a few things i want to tell you

I know your school days were never easy you never did fit in anywhere but i promise you when you go to college you find a place and friends were you do fit in and belong.
Im sorry to tell you this but you never patch things up with your family if anything it gets worse so just be ready be strong and remember there are people who do love you out there so stop thinking you are alone.
Over the years you don't make some of the best decisions but never regret anything you do decide, you will learn from your mistakes.
Don't settle down so quick and for the love of god do not get married have fun and live everyday like its your last, travel see the world and don't let people stop you achieving your dreams.
In your life you loose a lot of people don't get hung up on it so much grieve but remember the good days more that will help you threw it.
Remember your grandad loved you very much right up until the last day when he still recognised you even tho he was very ill. 
Go travelling and stop with the excuses get off your lazy arse and do things girl. Your only young after all! Learn to love yourself and never be afraid to just be you, everyone thinks your 'Cool' anyway.
Love to you always
Kay (20 something)
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