Respect yourself, Respect your body - Get Protected.

Ladies I don't care how old you are or getting, it is our own responsibility to make sure WE as young ladies are protected (contraception). Whether you use condoms, injection, pill, implant it is solely your job to make sure WE are safe.
There's a lot of talk these days about rape and "what is classed as rape" whether its threw TV or Films, Porn they all seem to be glorifying it, so the best thing is to make sure you are covered and no unwanted pregnancies come from it if it does ever happen to any of you.
(which I hope it never does).
Also there's a lot of talk and discussion about abortion whether its rape related or just a unwanted pregnancy it all could be solved by having the proper contraception for you.
Contraception will not stop rape but it will stop pregnancy.
Here in the UK you can get contraception free from the health clinic and they hand out free condoms I don't know about the rest of the would but when something is free get it especially when it comes to your precious body.
Ever since I have been sexually active from about the age of 15 I have always relied on the Implant its never let me down yet and I am 26 now, but what works for me might not work for you so be careful and get protected.
I also know the pill is not 100% safe either, I have a few nieces and nephews to show for that.
 We can not rely on men or woman to keep us safe no matter how hard they do try they can never keep us 100% safe so we have to meet them half way.
Respect yourself, Respect your body
Get protected.
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