English, Scottish and Irish

I am a huge fan of history but I could never afford to go to Uni to study it more so I read every book I can get my hands on and recently I have been reading one called
 "The Anglo - Saxon Chronicle" by G. N. Garmonsway
Here's the passage I found amusing:
The Island of the Britain is eight hundred miles long and two hundred miles broad; and there in the island are five languages: English, British or Welsh, Irish, Pictish and Latin. The first inhabitants of the land were the Britons, who came from Armenia (Brittany), and took possession at first of the southern part of Britain. Then it happened that the Picts came from the south from Scythia with warships, not many, and landed first in Northern Ireland and there asked the Scots if they might dwell there. But they would not allow them, for they could not live together there. And then said the Scots 'we can nevertheless give you good advice. We know another island to the east of this where you can settle if you wish, and if anyone resists you, we will help you conquer it.' Then went the Picts and took possession of the northern part if this island; the southern part was held by the Britons, as we said before. And the Picts asked the Scots for wives, and they were given to them on the condition that they always chose their royal race in the female line, and they observed this for a long time afterwards. Then it happened after the course of years that part of the Scots went from Ireland into Britain.
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