Them shoes in that colour ....

Over the years I did always wonder why people always said "Them shoes with that outfit na" until the other day I had a massive colour clash with me outfit and shoes, I realised they just didn't go but by the time I noticed it was way to late so I had to revert back to my good old flats and my feet got soaked not a good luck and I felt crap all day.
So here's to you ladies who are like me with bad fashion sense and awful colour co - ordination (raises my glass) I salute you (big kisses)
Coloured shoes:
Red goes with: pink, orange, black, blue, neutrals, navy blue
(red on red is over kill)
Green goes with: brown, black, blue, neutrals, yellow
Blue goes with: yellow, neutrals, brown, white.
Yellow goes with: Any shade of blue, black, white, green
Orange goes with: blue, white, earth tones, red, yellow.
Metallic goes with: Sliver - white, red, purple, neutrals, indigo, black.
Gold - black, white, royal blue, burgundy.
Purple goes with: Neutrals, navy, pink, green.

Remember ladies fashion and dressing your self has no rules, no limits so if you want to go for it
PUT IT ON AND ROCK IT (that's an order)
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