I am Writing Again

Hey everyone i hope you had a great Christmas and new year mine was quiet but i did get loads of books (cheesy grin)

By now i bet you have broken all your new year resolutions i haven't even started mine yet but i do want to tell you that i have started writing again which is my biggest passion.

Maybe in the future i might get published but right now its just good to get the words out i don't feel like i am having a mental battle with words in my head and i now feel stronger for it but i am still writing everyday.

Got some great storied down here's a few i have written over Christmas and new year
No body's Daughter
Princess Aurora
He's old, she's young (still in the mix)

Here's a bit of advice from J.K Rowling (she gave to me personally)

1: Write all the time.
No matter where you are writing even if it’s complete garbage, just don’t stop writing.

2: Read widely and deeply.
Always make time to read

3: Write what you want to write.
Don’t be shy or reserved just write anything you want

4: Collect you inspiration.
Recognise what lights the fire in you

5: Keep a journal.
Relish a pen, it can set you free

6: You don’t have to get it right.
Just get it out.

7: Take a walk.
Nature, the city, Go out

8: Think on harsh critics.
Don’t worry over them

9: Perfection is impossible.
Don’t strive for greatness or fame, just right

Pre – write

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