Sacred Arts Tattoo and Body Piercing

Over the year i have had a lot of tattoos and piercings (some good some bad)

But when i moved back to manchester, northwich i found a old friend was living there also and his and his team had a shop near to where i live. Bonus.
I saw the lady jenna in town a few time but didnt want to approach just in case she never remembered me (id look like a right tit).
Then one day i just started talking to her in town she had her dog with her so that broke the ice (i love dogs).

Over time i spoke to her and daz we over old memories like bike rally's and the chopper club (my uncle chris is with them).

I wanted my chest tattoo finished coz some inexperienced tit started it and fucked it up so they did my chest tattoo not quiet finished yet needs some colour. I am also going to go to them to get my hand tattoo finished thats my pride and joy.
Jenna also did my piercing today i got my ceptum pierced (middle of your nose).

I love going into there shop theres always a smiling face to go with a great welcome i will go no where else for my tattoos and piercings i and with them for life hahahaha.

Daz, Jenna and bacon are amazing there true to the tattoos buisness and have many years of experience and a great reputation. 

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