New Year Decision

Generally its called New Years Resolution but i have called it my New Years Decision.

My New Years Decision is to be BRAVE.

I choose this word because BRAVE can mean anything
Do Anything
Say Anything
Be Anything
Become Anything i want.

Late 15th century: from French, from Italian bravo 'bold' or Spanish bravo 'courageous, untamed, savage', based on Latin barbarus

 Phrases: brave new world
used to refer, often ironically, to a new and hopeful period in history resulting from major changes in society: the brave new world of the health care market
[title of a satirical novel by Aldous Huxley (1932), after Shakespeare's The Tempest ( v. i. 183)]
put a brave face on something

  • ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage: a brave soldier he put up a brave fight before losing
  •  literary fine or splendid in appearance: his medals made a brave show

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