Interview with Simon Fielder on Fashion

My interview with Simon Fielder

Photographer/ Videographer for Take A Pebble Productions.

Q1: Your job works closely with fashion and clothing have you learned much?
A: I actually have not had a fashion shoot yet, but i know models who do.

Q2: As a man do you follow fashion?
A: I tend to grab a bit here and there and put it together.

Q3: What do you think of ladies fashion these days?
A: Shocking, How they all have this unrealistic picture of what a woman is.

Q4: Do you have any fave designers?
A: Not really. Katy Perry's designer is awesome i did know his name but i forgot.

Q5: What do you think of celebs promoting there fashion threw the high streets saying there "making it affordable for the poor people"?
A: I see husky celebs doing that so it's kinda annoying.
ME: Would you like to explain more?
SIMON: Its frustrating, the guys who put out the look are skinny or muscular and i ain't either so they don't fit.

Q6: What would you like to see happen in the world of fashion for the future?
A: More realistic fashion designs, Something for all not just the skinny guy and girls.

One last question....
Q7: What's you personal fashion?
A: Kinda like a peacock, full of colour but hidden beneath a ray of black.

Thank you Simon for doing this short interview with me threw Facebook, very much appreciated.

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