An interview with Kay Brady

My interview with a up and coming clothing designer Kay Brady.

Kay and her team are based in Cheshire.
Q: How would you define your style?
A: Colourful, adventurous always mixing colours and textures, designs

Q: Which is the most difficult part of the design?
A: Thinking up something no one has designed before, you don't want to copy anyone you want to be unique.

Q: Who or what is your main source of inspiration.
A: I am inspired by life and how it evolves and all the time and people there very exciting.
I people watch a lot.

Q: What part of your work do you enjoy the most?
A: getting my hands on the fabric and just making something without a design or a drawing, then seeing that item in the spotlight.

Q: Who is your icon of style and good taste?
A: Vivian West wood she is a goddess
Cindi Louper another goddess lady to look to for style.

Q: What are you plans for the future?
A: I want to establish myself more as a clothing designer
Move to a bigger work place so my and my team can work together
Milan....New York....London..??!! Hahahahaha

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