New Adventures For Me And For You

Well as you all know i have been saving up and arranging things for my
Big American Adventure
(if you haven't where have you been living under a rock people!!!!)
Well anyway i was going with my friend Kat but a few things have changed with her life like she is going to be having a baby!!!
Yer you heard me she has a bun in the oven, she's knocked up......I can't think of any other ways to say it.....So she wont be coming with me so i will be going on my own
(if anyone wants to join me drivers preferred but not essential) HAHAHAHA
Let me just say that although i am a bit down that i will be doing this trip on my own, i do wish Kat and Bart (and the bun in the oven) nothing but a Safe, Bright, Happy future together they will make great parents.


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