A bit of Planning and Patience

Hi everyone
I am planning my giant road trip threw america for a few months and i need help with which direction to go in?
I was thinking going up and down on the map but thats justa little crazy what do you guys think?
Comment on anything where to go and where to eat in different states, your advice and expertise would be very helpfull right now you amazing travellers.
I was looking at starting a Maine and ending some where west of america.
and Aiports is there any states that do and don't have ariports?
A few tips please.
I have read that many books but i would rather get real advice from people who have actully been there.
Whats the fuel cost roughly?
If anyone could help please do i am learning to drive as we speak and i have already put in for my international licence so where covered there.
One thing down a million more things to go.

Oh and if you live in america somewhere and want me to come and visit just for the fun of meeting new people around the world and you amazing bloggers just let me know where you are (state wise) 
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