My first ever book club

Hi everyone i know its been a while since i have posted anything at all from books to DIY i am very sorry.

But today i have bitten the bullet and i asked at the library about their book club the nice lady told me to turn up at the library at 5.30 and she would direct me to the book club, i did just that. 
This is the first time i have ever joined a book club and i have to admit i was nervous, not too sure why but i was and it was not what i expected but still good and i have decided to stay.

The man that runs the club is called Glen and is a really nice man all the ladies where just finishing a book so they spoke about it, i stayed quiet and just watched and took in how they did things.
They where all talking about the book then the conversation turned into religion and i kinda tuned out after that!
They are all elderly ladies and 2 guys out of 12 altogether (including me) 
The book we got handed this month is called GUNS, GERMS AND STEEL BY JARED DIAMOND Link

How the club works: 
We have a meeting the first Monday of every month
We get a new book on the day as well
The club is from 5.30 till 7
We have the month to read the book
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