What's you opinion on this subject...

My personal opinion: I think it is a great idea. Not having the pressure of sex looming over you weather your single, married or just undecided. A woman deciding she will be celibate threw religion, personal reasons or where there just Asexuality i think they need to be commended for taking control of their own lives and not caving to the pressures society these day put on people woman are taking back there own Rights and it starts with the body. Who decides that sex has to be a compulsory part of a relationship? Who chooses to describe a non sexual relationship as inferior? Simply not wanting sex isn't a big deal.  The counsellor, the psychologist, the psychiatrist, the doctor, and the pharmaceutical companies make it a problem, because it's to their own advantage.
(my rant for woman rights is over now)
Here is a website that might be helpful to people if anyone is deciding, maybe checking it out you never know life could change for you. It's a very good no nonsence website.
Celebs that are celibate:
J M Barrie - Author of peter pan is rumoured to be asexual
Sir Issac Newton - Scientist is rumoured to have been a virgin all his life
Natasha Bedingfield - Is a christian and is very proud to have a successful career with out having to sexculize her image and is said to life a chaste life
Daniel Bedingfield - Another hugely talented Bedingfield, Daniel is an outspoken Christian whose song lyrics reflect his faith.
Sir Cliff Richard - is open about his Christian beliefs and chaste lifestyle. His Christian faith has played a major role in his choice to live a celibate life. 
Please remember that everyone has different views and opinions on this subject! 
Are you celibate? 
What was your decision on deciding that?

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