What to wear for a interview - Made simple

Recently i have had a few interviews and i was at a loss for what to wear so i took to Google but i realized they can very overwhelming the do's and donts, how to do this, how to do that, what to say, what not to say, It's a bit overwhelming even for me.
Here's a few thing's i have learned hopefully i made it simple enough for you to understand and not get over whelmed with it.

1:Wear a clean matching suit with a blouse or a shirt (men wear a tie)
2: No bright colors 
3: Wear 1 -2 inch heels (men wear clean shiny shoes)
4: No piercing or nail varnish, hide tattoo's (men and woman)
5: No heavy makeup natural is better (lip gloss and mascara works for me)
6: Hair away from the face (tied back or simple up do same for men with long hair)
7: No perfume or aftershave (i only wear roll on at interviews)
8: Skirt should never be above the knee (always below but not ankle)
9: Take care of hygiene (men shave, woman nails)
10: Don't smoke, or eat before an interview. (no bad breath)

My best advice:
 No matter what the interview is always look smart. My basics are formal pants, white shirt, small heels, Thin black cardigan, lip gloss and mascara. 
I always have a shower the night before.

1: Office outfit - Matching suit, white shirt/ blouse, small heels, hair tied up.
2: Casual job - dress pants, shirt/ blouse, small heels or flat shoes.

Here's a few sites to help you out in case your still stuck

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