The Cambridge Satchel Company

Today i have been thinking about getting a new bag, now i need a heavy duty one (i have lots of books) i found this amazing company called The Cambridge Satchel Company link here (there's also i link at the bottom). 
I fell in love with all the bags they have metallic colors, when i finally found this orange one my heart went all giddy and i just stared at it (hoping it was going to jump out of the screen and say "i am now your's to keep") but no it didn't do that....Shame.

I want a 14" Fluoro Orange with a embossed black 'K' on the front = £130 delivery free to the UK 
I love the free delivery bit you can even customize your own bag with letters or a name, Its an amazing bag and sensational colors, it's real leather and very expensive for my financial situation! 

Does someone wanner lend me the money....NO... OK then! I have to save no more tattoo's for a while 

This is my old bag i got it from France back in 2008 it's been a good old faithful but its getting a bit tatty the colors have faded now and has a few holes which i cover over with patches or a broach. It cost me 20 Euro's.

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