New Year New Routine (with info and pics)

Hi everyone recently i did a post on my routine link here but i thought New Year New Routine so here's how it's gunner go from now on or until i decided to change it i might swap thing's around if i don't think something is working (just to let you know i am a spot prone skin person if your the same these might help you) i am also looking to cut back on chemicals and go for a more natural take on my skin and all over the body. I hope this helps some of you and if any of you are using the same products then let me know your views and if you have a product i might like to use let me know.

Morning wash - 
Antibacterial soap - (the brand i use is Valderma i get mine from the body shop but in some place's this soap is hard to find, this soap is unscented)
Water - (Good old water from the tap, i like a warm sink full)

Moisturizer - 
Face - milk and magnesium (i get very very oily skin and a makeup artist recommended this also this is a great base for makeup) explanation of milk of magnesia
Body - blueberry cream pie body cream - (i got this from Tesco with a blueberry body wash)

Night wash - 
antibacterial soap

Moisturizer - 
Jojoba Oil - (when you start using this you might actually have a break out but don't be scared be persistent. Only use at night unless you have really dry skin (flaky) apply a while before bed so it absorbs and not transfer on to your pillar.)
Bath time - 
Hair - Argan Oil - (i leave this in over night and wash the next day it really help's my scalp and dandruff it's gone from the first use. You might have to wash your pillar case's more often)
Face - Home made face mask or a mud mask - (oats, honey, salt, sugar, fruit, yogurt) Home made tips here
Body - Antibacterial soap - (i have body spot's on my back not many now but enough for me to notice)

Additional thing's to help - 
Multivitamins + Iron - (I take one every other day so my body can absorb it better. The doctor recommended i take these. I spent my first ever period in hospital because my body can't loose blood it has not got much blood and what it has got it needs i don't heal very well and a look like a ghost.)
Flossing - (I have recently taken to flossing)
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