Life Decisions for 2013 - Failed already

One of my life decision 2013 is:
1: Don't buy clothes make them instead, Don't buy shoes or books you have too many.

I am very unhappy to tell you i have failed already on that one i have bought 4 pair's of shoes and 8 book's and its only the 6th January.

 another pair have skulls on
My other pair are my gladiator sandal's look but with a little heel

Wind and the willow's - Collins classics
Secret garden - Collins classics
Around the world in 80 days - Collins classics
Robinson crusoe. - Collins classics
Pigtopia - Kitty Fitzgerald
Les miseables volume 1, 2 - Victor Hugo
A tiny bit marvelous - Dawn French
Grey skinny jeans
All together in January i have bought 8 pairs of shoes - 
I am not quiet sure how to take that...

I bought this cool hat i was so i love with it i had to buy it

I didn't for get or anything like that i just wasn't stern with myself and again i have failed i bought more shoes and more books i think i might start my life decision in Febuary!!! It might be safer...

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