Good luck to me

Hi everyone thanks for the well wishes on the job front. Had a few this past week.

More good news i have another interview on Monday in Cheshire. I also got a few emails from a few big business's in Manchester just got to ring them Monday to confirm.

I am determined to get myself a job. 

My advice to everyone: 
Think big cities or a career change, trainee position are the best, you get new training, when you get a job keep it and don't ever let it go if you can, this day and age job's and money are hard to come by when you have got it don't let it go. I hadn't had a job interview in nearly 2 years then i started looking for a new career and applying for trainee positions with big companies and i have had 3 interviews in 1 week.
Perseverance is the key i know it can be soul destroying, you get depressed some people can get suicidal. Trust me i know i have done it all my last job was in January 5th 2010.

Good luck to you all
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