Glitter Brogues

 Don't pressure me no more i will confess yes i am like every other red blooded female out there i love glitter and glittery thing's (i still hate pink) and yes i love watching girly films and having girly friends to girly gossip and i have always dreamed of a handsome prince to sweep me off my feet!!
I also dreamed about having a red glittery pair of shoes just like the ones from 
"Wizard of Oz".
(This day and age you get nasty sky scrapers boots and break you neck heels) you cant just get comfy shoes!..
These were my dream shoes!

UNTIL TODAY.................
I found these and i fell in love with them more than anything i don't know what there going to go with but i just couldn't leave the shop with out them me and my Mr Husband had a bit of a tiff he said i have too many shoes i got them anyway and they only cost me £3.50 from Matalan.

Advice on how to wear these:
Fashion Reactor say's 
"Keep it simple, choose a pair of buggy light blue jeans and a palin white or black top and a black coat".
I keep it plain and usually pair with tights and a pleated skirt, or skinnies and a cute knit. Don't match anything to them :)

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