DIY: Stripy Summer dress

(Tutorial at the bottom)
(Ignore the bra it's not very flattering) 

What you need:
Strong shoes lace
How to:
1: Get some fabric and style you want i went for stripes. 
2: Wrap the fabric around you and pin down the side, then sew.
3: It's up to you weather you hem and pin both top and bottom. (i did the top but not the bottom)
4: Put the dress on, with the shoe string measure around the neck how you want the straps if you any at all.
5: Sew the straps in place.
6: Choose what charms you want on the dress i went for 3 skull and cross bone, sew them where ever you want.
You have just made a basic dress for summer, Enjoy it when the sun comes back.

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