DIY: Red Riding Hood.

So today i was looking around the market my for some fabric to make my cape but no luck
walking away from the market something red caught my eye, in the shop i went and there in a basket was a fleecy blanket and it is red, so got it and its really soft so it will keep me warm in winter. Here are some examples of how i want mine to be like.
(Tutorial at the bottom for the cape and the hood)

£3.99 fleece throw over

i made 2 bows to place on as decorations

 How to:
1: Lay the fleece/ fabric out, fold in half.
2: Line all the edges up and pin them together, cut a "half moon" shape out for the neck line (i exaggerated mine coz i wanted a big hood)
(The hood will come in another tutorial)

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