Deep in thought...!

To bring in the New Year i stood on the docks listening to the horns of the boats and watching fire works completely sober while wrapped up it was great, then i watched a girl who had too much to drink try and kill her self by jumping off a bridge there was not many people so we had great view, luckily some nice man stopped and helped pull her over the railing, your probably asking why i didn't help her well 1: she was drunk and well i don't like drunk people 2: she was having a row with her boyfriend i didn't want to be on the receiving end of that. But you all have opinions and i respect that!

But now 2 o'clock in the morning i am sat in bed with the side heater on and wrapped up in my jammies eating dry roasted peanuts thinking about what i really want this year some of the things i want i cant put on the blog because certain people read it but when it finally happens you will be the first to know every step of the way.
Do you remember when you where a kid and the teacher asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up well i always had 3 answers (i remember them perfectly coz i got shouted at for 2 of them)
1: pole dancer
2: stripper
3: Own my own book shop
(i think you can tell why i told off now)

Now i am a bit older (but non the wiser) i still want to do all of them things and 2013 is the year to do them all with one addition i will learn to drive as well. Me, My dog and my books on the road.
I will open my book shop i now i will have major competition with stores like "water stones" "the works" and "WHSmith" then there's all the on line sites which i use myself to sell and buy my books.
Have you ever wanted to do something so bad even tho you know it might go tits up.
Me and my husband always had a joke about me opening a book shop he used to say "you would never sell a book until you have read it your self, then you'd make them do a questionnaire about how they look after their books".
He got it spot on you have to take care of books they have history and adventure and a past we have to respect the books.

My book shop this is how i would like to appear:
Cosy, full of old new and rare books, limited editions collections, comfy sofa's, books stacked properly none on the floor...! keep it smelling nice, dust regularly.
I would have a new section,i would have a second hand section, i would have a foreign section, travel section. I would have themed window displays murder one month, romance another, travel another. I would have book signing by the Authors i could display my own books that have been published.
There's plenty of ideas i could go on for ever i am moving soon so i will look very closely when i get there.

What do you guys think should i open a book store and pursue my life long dream?
Would you risk it all?

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